Because of Lesli’s infatuation with the growing tiny house movement, we explored options for either building our own tiny house or having one built for us. We made a trip to Austin to visit with several tiny house builders and see examples of their work.

We came home with several great contacts and even more good ideas. Lesli immediately started drawing up plans. The idea was to put a tiny house (or three!) in a scenic spot on our property. Picking a location on our property for the tiny house raised many questions. Initially, we thought of using a place near the front of the property that had water and electricity nearby. This location was less scenic and a bit close to the house, though. We considered several other options before finally deciding on a location in the back of our property near our pond. This was definitely the ideal spot except for three problems: no water, no electricity, and no way to get there!

We still had many problems to solve, but now we had a plan!